100+ Coastal Bedroom Decor & Design Ideas

Create a soothing coastal bedroom retreat with these decor and design ideas.
Best Coastal Bedroom Decor Ideas

Find your coastal bedroom style! View coastal bedroom ideas by style, such as blue bedrooms, neutral bedrooms, cottage style bedrooms, bedrooms with poster beds and other coastal bedroom styles.  Simply click on the link of the coastal bedroom design styles that you like and want to see more of. This will make it easy to find inspirational bedrooms to help you create your own coastal getaway. You will find 12 coastal bedroom styles, beginning with blue coastal bedrooms, after all the color blue is the color most used in Coastal Home Decor

Turquoise Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Turquoise is a greenish-blue hue that immediately evokes images of ocean waters.  You can use this color in your bedroom to achieve a fresh and upbeat coastal beach vibe or you can use it, as you can use any color, in a muted hue for a more neutral outcome. 

Neutral Beige White Coastal Beach Bedrooms

Designed in neutral white and sandy beige, these coastal bedrooms are all about the beach landscape with its sand, dunes, grasses, as well as shells and driftwood washed ashore. 

Coastal Beach Nautical Bedroom Decor Ideas

Warm neutral gray can work beautifully for a coastal bedroom design. Just like the sandy beige coastal bedrooms, this neutral color palette also picks up on the hues and feel of the beach landscape.  

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Coastal Bedroom Design with Coral Reef Designs

The coral motif is a classic coastal print that goes with many decor styles, be it in red, blue or in any other color.

Beach Cottage Bedrooms

These coastal bedroom ideas show designs for cozy rooms with a cottage vibe, infusing the beach theme.

Nautical Bedroom Decor Ideas

How to decorate a coastal bedroom with the Nautical Theme, using nautical motifs in a stylish way.

Seashell Shadow Boxes abvoe Headboard

Use the wall space above your bed to hang great Coastal Wall Art that captures the coastal experience for you. This can be framed coastal art, canvas art or wall decor such as sculptural pieces.  

Great Coastal Bedroom Ideas

Serene coastal bedroom retreats that feel timeless with a down to earth elegance, created with quality furnishings, bedding and decor accents.  

Tropical Island Palm Tree Bedroom Design Idea

If you are dreaming of a tropical getaway, use these lush tropical bedroom ideas as inspiration. These coastal bedrooms use the palm leaf motif generously, from bedding, to rugs, to plants.

Coastal Bed and Headboard Ideas

These beds and headboards are made for Coastal Style Living. From beds and headboard constructed with natural woven materials to beds and headboards upholstered in coastal colors and coastal motifs. The bed is the focal point in your coastal bedroom and the type of  bed or headboard you choose will greatly influence the overall feel of your space. 

Tommy Bahama Island Tropical Island Inspired Bed

Poster beds have graced homes for centuries. A 'regal' poster or canopy bed gives a coastal bedroom a formality like no other bed. And don't think these beds are only for large bedrooms, they can be the perfect choice for a small bedroom too.  

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