Nautical Porthole Mirror Gallery Walls

Brighten up a space with a Porthole Mirror Gallery Wall.

porthole mirror gallery wall staircase
Porthole mirrors have a nautical flair and can look quite elegant with their bright gold or silver brass frames. You can hang a coastal mirror gallery wall just the same as you would hang a Coastal Picture Gallery Wall. I think this collection of brass porthole mirrors looks stunning along the Staircase. Via Coastal Vintage.

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nautical gallery wall with porthole mirrors
This example of a porthole mirror gallery wall comes from a Resort. Square and round portholes with a vintage look are mixed together.

porthole mirrors in living room above sofa
Modern style porthole mirror. Original source unknown.

nautical porthole mirror wall
To add contrast display your porthole mirrors on a navy blue painted wall. Via Period Living UK.

You can create a striking gallery wall with all kinds of coastal and nautical mirrors -group Nautical Rope Mirrors, Seashell Mirrors, Driftwood Mirrors, and other Wall Mirrors.