Simple Elegant & Stylish Summer Mantel Decor Ideas Coastal Style

Invite the coast to your living room with these simple elegant summer inspired mantel display ideas. Shop the look and get some DIY ideas.

Coastal Summer Mantel with Flower Wreath
This summer mantel represents blue skies, sunny weather and ocean waters. A wreath made from yellow wild flowers gives the composition a vibrant summer feel. Let these colors pave the way for other matching accent pieces in the room like throw pillows or blankets.

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Simple Elegant Coastal Summer Mantel Decor Design Ideas
Capturing the summer feel by the coast with beautifully styled blue glass bottles, along with a few scattered shells, and colorful fresh flowers. 

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Coastal Summer Mantel Seagull Beach Art Focal Point
A beachy summer mantel with a lovely seagull print as the focal point. 

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Coastal Summer Mantel Decor Ideas
Elegant coastal summer mantel idea that emphasized height.

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