Small Camper Interiors | Coastal RV Makeovers & Decor Ideas

Make it a happy camper with these coastal interior decor ideas! 

Camper Interior Decor and Design Ideas with a Coastal Theme

It is amazing how you can transform a small camper into a coastal mini home on wheels. Designing the interior of a small camper does require some planning to make the most of the small space. It's all about  maximizing space and functionality while going big on style -coastal style that is. And just like with a regular home, coastal style is incorporated with colors, wallpaper, decorative accents like coastal pillows, wall art, wall decor and wall mirrors as well as decorative lighting fixtures.

Small Camper Interiors

Coastal Interior Decor Ideas for Small Campers and RVs
Touches like baskets and the beaded light fixtures add to the seaside design style of this camper. The interior Color Scheme in this camper is kept neutral. Original source unknown.

RV Makeover Coastal Nautical Beach Style

This travel camper incorporates beachy-blue hues with a coastal southern feel along with a whimsical Palm Print Wallpaper (Amazon) that reminds the owner of Charleston, SC.

Coastal Inspired Decor Ideas for RV Motorhomes and Campers

Nautical Camper Interior Decor Ideas

A 90’s motorhome renovation with great nautical details. This includes the hand-painted compass you see when you first walk in and their Test Tube Sand Collection on the wall.

Nautical Style Camper Interiors
Nautical inspired camper interiors in crisp white and navy blue. The large brass porthole mirror stands out on the navy blue wall. Original source unknown.

Coastal RV Camper Makeover

This coastal inspired RV camper was designed specifically for taking family trips down to the beach.

Coastal Beach Inspired Campers

Tiny RV Home with Coastal Interiors

Coastal camper interiors of an 1996 Pace Arrow Motorhome. Blue kitchen cabinets and a cozy cute bedroom, inspired by the coast. Take a peak into their stylish cozy coastal bedroom below.

Coastal Camper Bedroom Ideas Tiny Home Bedrooms
The Peel-and-Stick Coastal Palm Wallpaper (Amazon) headboard and custom light fixtures give this camper bedroom a coastal boho vibe. 

This 2000 Monaco has been transformed into a bright and modern oasis with this coastal RV renovation. This complete gut job includes all new custom cabinetry, floors, and an open layout design.

Beach Theme TV Camper

This happy camper makes the owners feel as though they are at the beach. See the fish netting above the storage cabinets? They even created a faux beach view window -see below!

Faux Ocean View Window Decal in Camper

Tips on How to maximize Space in a Camper:

Utilize furniture that can be folded or collapsed when not in use:
Examples include fold-down tables, collapsible chairs, and retractable beds. . 

Create storage space wherever you can:
From overhead storage cabinets to under bed storage drawers, to storage benches, storage nooks, as well as hanging storage containers and organizers.

Create privacy without obstructing walkways:
Divide areas by curtains or sliding doors. 

Choose compact and lightweight appliances designed for RVs and campers:
This includes compact refrigerators, stoves, and washing machines, to save space without sacrificing functionality.