7 Nautical Compass Rose Design Ideas for the Home

How to incorporate the compass rose design into your home.

compass rose rug idea
The compass rose has appeared on nautical charts and maps since the 1300's, indicating the direction of the winds.  A simple way to decorate your home with a nautical compass rose is with a Rug. California Livin created a wonderfully cozy outdoor space with a compass rose rug from Lowes (no longer available).

Navy Compass Rose Area Rug

Nautical Compass Rugs

nauical compass rose floor inlay design idea
A popular nautical compass rose design idea is the floor inlay. They're gorgeous! Via New Jersey Home Magazine. You'll find another example here.  The floor inlay compass rose is most often installed in entryways and foyers.

floor compass rose ideas
Here the compass rose is painted on the floor. The entire wood floor is painted which creates a cohesive and chic look. I couldn't locate the source for this image, but I know it's a home on Kiawah Island, SC.

compass rose wall decal
Bring a compass rose design to the wall with a decal, via Fab Decals.

compass rose ceiling medallion
Or enhance a lighting fixture and stick a decal on the ceiling. Seen at Thistlewood Farms.

compass rose design idea for furniture
Painted compass rose design idea for a table (dresser or chest), featured on Table Makeovers. You can paint a nautical compass rose on a piece of furniture with the help of a stencil, or sketch one yourself if you have the hand for it.

painted nautical compass rose ideas
And if this infinity pool wasn't already divine enough; it also features a beautiful compass rose. Via AD.