Get a Window with an Ocean View | Shop & DIY

You can have the ocean view you always wanted with a faux window as an art print, or an actual window with an art print. 

window view ocean poster

ocean view window photograph
A dimensional canvas with a photograph that shows a window with ocean view would do the trick too. By photographer Steve Vaughn.

old window frame with fake ocean view
To create a real Window, mount a photo behind a window frame. This photo was blown up into 8 printable pages via It's a creative use of an Old Window Frame.

fake window
Here an abstract example from a Cancun condo. You can make your faux window view out of anything you want. Old or new frame, shutters, curtains, a photograph or poster, even an LCD screen which would allow you to change scenery. You can take the concept as far as you wish.

fake porthole
For a Nautical feeling, simply fake your dream view with a Porthole. Made by Crones Custom Woodworking. This would be a fun addition to a Nautical Bathroom.

cabinet door window with ocean view
Even a cabinet door can become a portal to the ocean and far horizon. Via Pinterest.