DIY Faux Window View of the Ocean

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Imagine the ocean view you always wanted. You can have it with a faux window! Faking a beautiful view is nothing new, Murals do it all the time. But with a faux window view you might actually trick the eye!

window view ocean poster
This is what your faux window ocean view would look like! Even though this is a Poster from, it illustrates the idea.

ocean view window photograph
A dimensional canvas with a photograph that shows a window with ocean view would do the trick too! By photographer Steve Vaughn.

old window frame with fake ocean view
To create a real Window, mount a photo behind a window frame. Then display and enjoy! This photo was blown up into 8 printable pages via It's a creative use of an Old Window Frame!

fake window
Here an abstract example from a Cancun condo. You can make your faux window view out of anything you want. Old or new frame, shutters, curtains, a photograph or poster, even an LCD screen which would allow you to change scenery. You can take the concept as far as you wish!

fake porthole
For a Nautical feeling, simply fake your dream view with a Porthole! Made by Crones Custom Woodworking. This would be a fun addition to a Nautical Bathroom.

cabinet door window with ocean view
Even a cabinet door can become a portal to the ocean and far horizon. Via Pinterest.

And this art window was sent to me via facebook by Kim. Kim paints scenic dream views directly onto the glass! Her work is sold locally in the tidewater region of Virginia. If you are interested, leave her a message!

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Caron's Beach House said...

Hi Maya!
Thanks for the Happy Birthday note yesterday!


MeerSchmuck said...

This idea is a great idea to get the summer, the beach and the sea in the house (in case you live far away from it like me). I have dedicated a post to this art, too. Look at
and you will still see other pretty Trompe l'oeil works.
Many greetings from the mountains of Switzerland

MaMaG said...

The ocean view cabinet is my original artwork. I don't recall being contacted for permission to use it on your page. Please respond.

Maya Nagel said...

Regina (MaMaG), I linked to your pinterest board. The only site of yours I found. Sorry I didn't try to contact you (via your facebook profile page?). If you don't want your work on this page, I will remove it promptly. ~Maya

MaMaG said...

Just ask next time, you can leave it, it's apparently been there for 3 years. I do have a personal page, but also have a fine art page.

Maya Nagel said...

Regina, give me the URL to your fine art page. I'd be more than happy to link to it! Thanks! ~Maya

MaMaG said...

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