Coastal Decorating with Round Natural Fiber Rugs -Shop the Look

Natural Fiber Rugs are a great choice when decorating with a coastal theme.

Round Natural Fiber Rugs
You could say that Natural Fiber Rugs mimic the texture of sand and the look of dune grass. So here are some round natural fiber rugs for a dynamic look. Designer Phoebe Howard uses a round natural fiber rug in a Florida condo. Via Coastal Living.

round jute rug sunroom
The same round rug in a sun room featured at Coastal Living. It's the Dandelion Round Jute Rug from Armadillo&Co, an Australian based company that ships worldwide.

Round Jute Rug Coastal

Round Natural Fiber Jute Rug for Coastal Style Decorating
Round Jute Rugs from Serena and Lily's Natural Rug Collection are available in three different sizes: 5, 8 and 10 feet in diameter.

Natural fiber rugs can be made from jute, hemp or sisal. The fibers come from different plants. Hemp has longer fibers and is softer than jute. Hemp has been used to make twine and textiles for thousands of years. Sisal has the ability to stretch, is durable and resists deterioration even in salt water.

beach cottage jute rug
Fancy ornate round fiber rug at Sarah's Beach Cottage from the same Australian seller, but no longer available.

small round jute rug in bathroom
Small round natural fiber rug in a nautical bathroom, featured here.

round jute rug Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn's Round Jute Rug and West Elm's Round Jute Rugs are classic simple round rugs available in different sizes, and some also available in different neutral tones.