Palm Leaves & Fronds -Simple Decor Ideas for Adding Green & Tropical Flavor

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Add tropical flavor and green to your space with palm leaves and fronds!

fan palm leaves in vases

Fan palm leaves are my favorite. They're very elegant. You have seen them in the Coastal Living Beach House 2011. All images are via Coastal Living.

banana palm leaves in vase
To the right, oversized banana palm leaves. Quite dramatic!

A huge leaf, seen at Tracy Murdock. Not your everyday houseplant!

palm leaves decor
There are over 3000 different species of palms.

palm fronds decor
This one belongs to the feather palm family.

palm fronds in vase
Palm fronds in a Caribbean Island Home.

framed palm leaves
I'm loving these framed palm leaves too!

Palm Leaf in Vase
Fresh cut palm leaves placed in a vase can last a couple of weeks or even longer. Or look for dried green palm leaves or perhaps even artificial ones.

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Della said...

I love those palm leaves in frames! Very fresh looking. I am a huge fan of palm trees, and have several live varieties. I'd love some of the faux palms indoors, though. I may have to go shopping now!

Looking forward to an apartment tour!

Jennifer said...

I love that living room!

Tricia Rose said...

I love the complexity of monstera deliciosa, they remind me of my childhood.

Journey's End (at the Beach) said...

While I was still living in New York, I bought a faux palm tree complete with miniture white lights. Now it is on my covered patio and I love it... maybe you could find one? I love the idea of the leaves, but like you said, they would have to be replaced every couple of weeks or so. My trunk has what looks like coconut hair and bark...maybe that in a vase with that a faux leaves? Whatever you do I can't wait to see because I know it will be great. ~pat

Freda said...

I love the third picture of the sea urchin lamps with salmon shades and fish pictures. Can you share where this picture originated from? I'd love to know more about the art work on the back wall and the lamps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

A stunning, fun, fresh and inviting room!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Freda, this is the link to the picture on Coastal Living, unfortunately it does not provide more information.

Pirate Life said...

I know this blog is about palm leaves, but, the first table with the denim chair covers are sooo adorable. Xox

How2home said...

love the palm leaves in the black frame! gorgeous!

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