A Painted Treasure Chest Masterpiece

A true treasure chest and a nautical masterpiece. Meticulously painted on the outside, and lined with a map on the inside.

painted treasure chest
There are five different colors in this Distressed chest by Magia Mia. The base coat is brick red, then a sharp rusty orange, and a zesty mossy green. The final layer is a fabulous deep and vibrant tint that Maria, the creator of this masterfully painted Treasure Chest, calls a cross between Turquoise, Aqua, and Teal. But as you can see, Maria didn't stop there. She also lined the drawers with copies of old Maps that coordinate perfectly with the paint colors.

treasure chest picture before
Ordinary before.

nautical chest
Rustic, charming, exquisite after. Topped off with an orange and black painted Compass Rose, the chest has a true nautical edge. Want to learn more? Head over to Magia Mia.