Make a Lamp from a Vase or Jar to Fill with Treasures

Shop Fillable Lamps or make a DIY fillable lamp from a vase or jar.

make a lamp from a vase
The great thing about this DIY Vase Lamp is the wide opening which allows for larger shells to go inside. To avoid the cord from hanging off the top of the vase, a hole was drilled near the bottom, using a glass drill. A cardboard top was constructed to support the shade.

vase lamp kit
An easy way to make a lamp from a vase (or a Bottle) is to use a Lamp Kit. Seen here. The cord comes out of the cork topper, but you can hide it behind the filled vase. To further personalize your vase lamp, decorate the lampshade. Here a punch out cutter was used. You could also adorn your shade with shells. To view an example, click here. Or add a Rope trim.

make a lamp from a mason jar
Mason jar lamp by Domestically Speaking. Mason Jars not only make the most charming Beach Lanterns, they also make the cutest lamps. You can get a pre-wired Mason Jar Lamp Making Kit, and you're ready to clip on your shade. Or use a simple Lamp Kit and drill a hole into an existing lid.

filled jar lamp
To make a lamp from any jar with a lid is pretty simple. Via.