Modern Coastal Vignettes

Coastal vignettes with a modern chic vibe from the portfolio of Foley and Cox.

modern coastal modern vignette
A coastal vignette with a great focal point. The seahorse Wire sculpture is fun, dynamic, and modern chic.

porthole like photo display
A vignette with a Creative Photo Display Idea. It looks like mirrors were converted into photo frames. It's like gazing through small portholes out over the ocean. And the oldest trick for creating compelling Vignettes is choosing different heights for same or similar items. Also, black and white beach photography is a great choice if you want to achieve a modern feel.

coastal vignette
An eclectic vignette with a Seashell Collection in a vase.

Again, a coastal vignette with one focal point. In this case, fabulous Palms Leaves add life to the room.

modern coastal
And a vignette with a coastal theme book. All of these modern coastal vignettes have a spacious quality to them. This particular display leaves room to add shells.