Nautical Crafts for Home Decor

Let's get into a nautical state of mind and create something awesome for the home. Here are some favorite decorative nautical crafts.

nautical crafts
Popular Nautical Rope Crafts. These Nautical DIY Coasters are taken it a step further by creating a custom stencil and cranking up the color too.

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nautical craft idea
Coastal and nautical chic Table Makeovers. Another great idea with rope. Via Apartment Therapy.

nautical crafts joann
Nautical Crafts by JoAnn. One very unique idea in JoAnn's nautical crafts collection is this large wall sail made from canvas cloth.

nautical driftwood boats
Driftwood Sailboats are sure a favorite. The mini flags give these boats a fun nautical vibe. Made by Beachcomber.

welcome ship wheel
A welcome ship wheel for the door. You can learn all about this project over at Upcycled Treasures.

DIY nautical life preserver
Decorate with a Nautical Life Preserver. This is a stylish DIY version. The tube/ring can be bought at your local crafts store. Then paint, add rope and decorate with stencils. Find the Tutorial here.

colorful art oars
Art Oars from Inspired by Charm. Pick up an old oar at an antique, thrift shop or on Ebay, and paint it in bright fun colors. For more inspiration, tutorials, as well as sources to buy, go to Painted Oars | DIY or Buy.

diy nautical lamps
Cool Nautical Buoy Lamps which are fun and color intense, and salty DIY Glass Float Rope Lamps.

terra cotta pot lighthouse
Or make a neat Clay Pot Lighthouse for the yard.