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DIY Lamps -Nautical Buoy Hanging Light Pendants

Make your life bright with a fabulous buoy hanging light! I love DIY Lamp Projects and lighting in general, and to make hanging light pendants from nautical buoys is such a cool idea.

diy hanging light pendants
How fun is this colorful bunch hanging outside on the porch!

The creator behind this bright innovation, the talented Debi Beard (see her Sheer Shell Curtain Tutorial). For all the details about this project, make sure to read Debi's post: DIY Buoy Hanging Light Pendants where you can watch her entertaining video!

How to Make Nautical Buoy Hanging Light Pendants in a Nutshell:

how to make diy lamps with nautical buoys
Besides the nautical buoys, you will need a liner so that the heat from the lightbulb doesn’t melt the foam, Debi says. Then you'll also need an electrical socket and cord with a plug, bulbs, twine to wrap the cord (if you want to), and paint to give the weathered buoys a fresh new look (also optional of course). Then you simply carve out the foam in the size of the liner. Make sure it's going to be a tight fit. Maybe there's a hanging light pendant kit out there that could be used for these DIY lamps? I've seen hanging light pendant kits at Ikea, but don't think they have liners. Well, Debi found a great solution in the plumbing department of her local hardware store.

diy nautical hanging light pendants
Now head over to Debi's site, so that you too can illuminate your nights with chic buoy hanging lights! Follow Debi's Design Diary on Facebook.
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Tybee Dreaming said...

I love buoys and to turn them into a lamp is just awesome. I will have me a project to do this week. They will look great in my nautical kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

These are awesome. I would love to have one in my kitchen! What a fun idea!

Bonnie Perkins said...

Yes, the 40 watt bulb is too hot for the buoy light. I did a full length white PVC sleeve all the way to the bottom of the buoy and it started to melt the buoy after 1/2 hour. Styrofoam buoys melt wicked easy so I really don't trust this idea at all. I am going to turn a wood one on the lathe and make it that way. It is a very unique idea but I would not feel safe with the foam buoy.

Maya Nagel said...

Thanks Bonnie for your insights on the buoy lights!! Appreciate it.

Maya @ Completely Coastal

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