DIY Lighthouses | How to Make a Lighthouse from Cardboard, Foam Cone, Plastic Bottle & More

There are many ways how you can construct a decorative lighthouse.

Make a Decorative Lighthouse
DIY lighthouses can be constructed from cardboard cereal boxes, oatmeal boxes, foam cones, plastic bottles, plastic cups, clay pots and more. Plus certain items like wooden candle holders and peppermills can be transformed into decorative lighthouses with paint. Many of these DIY lighthouses serve as little beacons of light.

Add ambiance lighting with a lighthouse to a table setting, shelf or mantel.

DIY Lighthouse Cardboard
Cardboard lighthouses made from cereal boxes by Burton Avenue.

Foam Cone Lighthouse
Foam Lighthouses by Crafts by Courtney. The top of the foam cones were cut at the point to fit the size of baby food jars that are used cover the battery tea lights.

How to Make a Lighthouse
A lighthouse made from an oatmeal box and tuna can. For the tutorial, see How to Build a Model Lighthouse.

Lighthouse Painted Candle Holder
Turn ordinary candle holders into lighthouse candle sticks, featured here.

Peppermill Lighthouse
And another common item that can be easily transformed into a lighthouse with paint is the peppermill. Featured on Coastal Kitchen Gadgets.

DIY Mini Lighthouses Hershey Kisses Favor
Mini Lighthouses with Hershey Kisses to give as little favors. A free printable template is provided with the tutorial.

Plastic Cup Lighthouses
Plastic cup lighthouses constructed with a red cup and a clear cup. Seen here.

Styrofoam Cup Lighthouse
Another clever Cup Lighthouse by Danielles Place, using Styrofoam cups and one clear cup.

Plastic Bottle Lighthouse
Recycle a plastic water bottle and turn it into a decorative lighthouse. The light is provided by a flashlight inside the bottle. Watch the video below or for written instructions, click here.

Clay Pot Lighthouse
And then there are the super popular Clay Pot Lighthouses. These lighthouses can be used outdoors to guide the way.