Table Decor -6 Fall Centerpieces with a Beach Theme

Beach theme table decor centerpieces that burst with Fall goodness.

fall clam bowl
Faux Clam Shell Bowls make stunning table centerpieces. To learn more about this arrangement, go here. And for more decorating inspiration with clam shells, check out Giant Clam Shells Everywhere.

fall basket with pumpkins and shells
This Fall Decor Table Centerpiece consists of a basket filled with Pumpkins, Potpourri and seashells, plus vases with beach sand and twigs.

fall cloche with starfish
Cloches are perfect for showcasing decorations, and keep away the dust. This Cloche looks like it's made from a cake stand. Featured on Fall Decorating Ideas.

driftwood piece with test tubes filled with leaves
Driftwood log with test tubes vases. Find a great piece of driftwood, Drill Holes for test tubes, then fill the tubes with something seasonal. Via Facebook.

fall centerpiece with driftwood
What You Can Do with a long Piece of Driftwood. Turn it into a Fall Centerpiece as seen at Caron's Beach House.

fall centerpiece with candles and beach finds
And a simple Fall Centerpiece with votive candles, Beach Rocks, shells and leaves on a rough linen or burlap table cloth. To keep it Fall colored, use tan, orange and brown shells.

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