Coastal Pumpkin Centerpiece with Candle & Vase

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Learn how to make a wonderful coastal pumpkin centerpiece with candle & vase that evokes memories of the beach!

coastal pumpkin centerpiece

I love this idea! The blue pumpkin represents the sea while the Air Plants (Tillandsia) mimick Seagrass. The candle -a little beach bonfire perhaps? And of course sand is used for the cylinder vase, and beach finds for decorations. Melissa who is passionate about gardening and the beach, created this adorable Pumpkin Centerpiece for HGTV Gardens where you find detailed step by step instructions. Here's a quick overview.

pumpkin centerpiece with candle
You cut off the top of the pumpkin, then scrape it out and remove all the contents. Pour some beach sand into the empty pumpkin to act as a base for your vase.

pumpkin centerpiece with vase
Then tuck the assorted air plants into the sand around the vase, add some beach finds for decoration, and you have a unique and beautiful pumpkin centerpiece that will last you up to 5 days. I imagine, this would work with Artificial Pumpkins as well. I'm thinking of doing something similar with  a mini pumpkin, using a pillar candle instead of a vase. The minis are in stores here (NYC) everywhere. Maybe I even find a blue one!
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Ideezine said...


Love this idea and I need to make some centerpieces for an event this is just perfect. You could use the battery operated candles they come in nice sizes too.


Sally Lee said...

Super cute, Maya!!

bambi said...

Love it

Beach Custom said...

Great Idea, so much you can with it!

How2home said...

These are such pretty ideas for coastal inspired pumpkins!

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