Paint Pumpkins in Ocean Blue

Beautifully blue painted pumpkins that remind of all the shades of the sea.

Blue Painted Pumpkins
Blue pumpkins mixed with white pumpkins seen at Landee.

blue pumpkin with rope
This Blue Painted Pumpkin sports a Rope Wrap around the stem.

Blue Dip Painted Pinecones Pumpkin Decor
Blue Painted Pumpkin & Pinecones arranged on a plate.   

Blue pumpkins painted with chalk paint
Perfectly Imperfect painted pumpkins with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.

blue pumpkins
These faux Pumpkins also received coats of Annie Sloan's chalk paint. The color is called Greek Blue.

blue pumpkins
And the muted hues of these Blue Pumpkins remind me of an overcast day at the beach.