Simple Christmas String Light Stylings with a Coastal Beach Theme

A coastal beach theme Christmas with simple string light stylings.

String Lights was all I needed to deck out my condo in Sarasota, FL, for Christmas. Multi color string lights for the Faux Palm that makes the perfect Coastal Christmas Tree. Any kind of large plant can be used as an alternative Christmas tree. Also on the tree, a dozen small colorful Ball Ornaments, a sand dollar and a Starfish. White string lights are draped over the TV cabinet together with a Shell Garland. Also in the mix, Fishing Glass Floats, plus a few large shells. All shells used are collected from the beach.

White string lights also bring Christmas sparkle to the wall.

The last stretch of white string lights goes along the kitchen counter top. A few shells sit over bulbs, glowing beautifully. Plus one large shell at the end.

On the other side of the Living Room, string lights bring Christmas to the corner.

A green wine bottle is filled with battery operated LED string lights, topped with a Starfish.
White and red string lights are hanging behind the sheer curtain.

In the kitchen, a small strand of string lights is draped over starfish art that's in the corner of the counter top.

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