Coastal & Nautical Ceiling Medallions by Marie Ricci

Give your ceiling lamp pizzazz with a ceiling medallion in a coastal or nautical theme.

Ceiling Medallion with Shell Motif by Marie Ricci

Sea Shell Ceiling Medallion
Marie Ricci's Ceiling Medallions have been described as "The Ultimate in Jewelry for the Fifth Wall," by Style at Home Magazine. Each medallion is a casting from a hand carved original that can be custom painted to match your home decor. There are 18 colors and two finishes, solid or distressed, to choose from.

Ceiling Medallions with a Coastal and Nautical Theme
Coastal ceiling medallions come in a variety of motifs such as seashells, sailboats, compass rose and others.

Customer image that shows the White Shell Ceiling Medallion painted pink to match the room design. The shell ceiling medallion is primed white, so it's ready for paint.