Ocean & Coastal Inspired Tableware by Vietri Made in Italy

Coastal and ocean inspired tableware from Vietri, made with love in Italy.

Colorful ceramics have been produced in Vietri, the gateway to Italy's Amalfi Coast, since the 15th century.

Image: Vietri at CNN

Vietri Pescatore Coastal Tableware Made in Italy

Vietri's Pescatore is the newest addition of ocean and coastal inspired tableware, utilizing a new technique that blends both crayon and paint. It infuses movement of fish in a combination of aqua, deep blue, and yellow.

Image: Vietri Facebook

The Vietri Marina collection is beautifully painted in soft neutrals, featuring sea creatures such as crabs, octopus, jellyfish and minnows.

Handpainted Coastal Tableware by Vietri Made in Italy

Vietri Costiera collection is a colorful mix of bold sea creatures in deep cobalt blue and bright coral.

Vietri Fish Dishes, Platters, and Mugs

Vietri Ceramics with Coastal Motifs Made in Italy
Vietri was created to bring the artistry of Europe to the United States. Handmade by skilled artisans in Italy, each piece has a one-of-a-kind allure that’s hard to resist -especially the ocean and coastal inspired motifs.