Nautical Map Decor Ideas by Anna Örnberg

Anna Örnberg's decor ideas for nautical maps from the book The Nautical Home.

Nautical maps, whether Sea Charts or just maps that feature lots of blue sea, are a great way to bring the coastal theme to a space. Spell it out and make your own stylish Letters Papered with Maps.

Look for things that can be transformed into a Shadow Box or Diorama Box, such as deep trays, small drawers, or boxes; then decorate the background with a nautical map.

Makeover a lamp with a sea chart. There is also one featured here.

Give a boring Tray a nautical look by gluing a map onto the surface. For protection, add a coat of clear water-based varnish.

Wrap a Book with a colorful sea map or chart. You could go as far as Unifying the Look of an entire Bookcase.

Turn boxes into decorative storage. Even shoeboxes will do the trick.

Charming wood building blocks covered with nautical maps. After adhering the maps, a topcoat of Mod Podge was added and to get that aged vintage look, the blocks were finished off with a furniture wax in a warm brown tone.

Nautical Map Decor Ideas
And the most elaborate of all the nautical map decor ideas, a stunning Dresser Makeover. This refreshed dresser also comes with the addition of new DIY Rope Drawer Handles.

All images are via Home Style Mag UK where you can find two more nautical map projects, as well as more detailed descriptions. Or get your own copy of The Nautical Home on Amazon.

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