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Make Fabric Book Covers with Stencils for a Fresh Coastal Summer Vignette

Here's a cute idea. Dress up some books for a fresh coastal summer vignette!

fabric book covers with stencils
With a Dash of Color gave books a summer look with coastal themed fabric book covers.

make fabric book covers
The books were covered with the fabric first, then sea creatures were painted onto the cover and spine of the books with stencils (found at the Dollar store). For all the details, head here.

beach book accents
Now covered, the books make the perfect risers to create height in this coastal table top vignette.

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DTTD said...

The book covers are a great idea - love how they add colour, pattern, and texture to the vignette :-) I bought a nautical stencil a couple of weeks ago for an art project - I might have to make some book covers too :-)


Poppy said...

This is such a sweet surprise! Thank you so much Maya, you spoil me so:)Have a lovely day!~Poppy

Della said...

Oh, this is nice! I have some beachy stencils, and loads of paint...I'm going to have to do this one just for the look. It will give me a great way to have my books out without it looking cluttered. Love this!

Renée Finberg said...

boy oh boy......

i NEVER thought of fabric book covers.

i am going to obsess over this.