Top Entryway Decor Ideas with a Coastal Wow Factor

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The entryway is the first room you see when you come into the home, and no matter what the size of the space, there is opportunity for great design. So check out these entryway decor ideas -all with a coastal wow factor!

coastal entryway decor ideas
Simple and clever! The clean look with a row of Anchor Hooks creates a great focal pint and sets the tone in this Home.

Going for real storage. This entryway from Pottery Barn leaves room for a pair of Decorative Oars.

A chic navy blue anchor Rug and a decorative wall anchor, as well as other coastal accessories create an elegant entry with a nautical theme. Via Garnet Hill.

entryway decor ideas
The stylish nautical and coastal displays make this entryway shine and give a taste of the home's decor. Via BHG.

coastal cottage entryway decor
A Coastal Cottage entryway that wows with a driftwood seahorse and a rustic weathered bench.

nautical entryway compass rose
If you have great floor space, your wow factor could be right at your doorstep! Featured here. Original source unknown.

nautical entryway idea
A large Model Yacht is mounted to the wall for big visual impact. Original source unknown.

coastal entryway
An eye catching Blue Striped Dresser with a lovely vignette gives this entryway coastal personality. Original source unknown.

entryway with painted coat rack
A fun whimsical coat rack by Tracey Rapisardi.

colorful entryway
Color is King in this entryway seen at House Beautiful. A coastal entryway that welcomes you with cheer! I love how they incorporated Classic Nautical Accessories, such as a Painted Oar, Shipwheel and Buoys. It's super functional too, providing ample storage for coats, hats and shoes -or beach towels!

large entry way mirror
And another favorite coastal entryway idea. Create a wow factor with a DIY Mirror. By Barclay Butera. A mirror in the entryway allows for a quick check before leaving the home! So don't overlook your entryway -create a focal point that celebrates your home's personality!

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