Coastal Collections -Perfectly Organized Display Ideas

Any coastal collection can be stunning. It's all in the presentation. 

coastal seaglass collection on wall
To quote legendary interior designer Dorothy Draper, "Don't sprinkle your collection in a meaningless jumble. Notice how groups of small objects, when they are well arranged, become important and effective. Remember that repetition is a form of emphasis."

This is the Seaglass collection at the Pacific Edge Hotel in the Lobby area. What could give more importance to a collection than putting each piece on its own pedestal. In this case Wall Sconce Shelves.

coastal beach sand collection
A stunning Beach Sand Collection organized in all kinds of small bottles. What adds a lot of visual appeal to this collection are the label tags.

coastal collection in glass cabinet
Collections Organized in Glass Cabinets will gather compliments, not dust. Via Pinterest.

sea treasures in shadow boxes
A great grouping of Shadow Boxes with an organized display of sea treasures. Seen in one of Alys Beach Homes. The type of framing determines the overall look. For more ideas on how to present a shell collection as an organized display in a frame, check out the post DIY Shell Art.

vintage globe collection
Globes lined up by size fill the space above the bookcase perfectly. Go tour this Modern Beach House. It showcases other coastal collections as well.

vintage beach pail collection
A beach pail display in a Vintage Chic NYC Apartment. 18 vintage beach pails are "floating" in built-in shelving nooks, propped up on acrylic stands to add height.

Decorative Lighthouses
A collection of Decorative Lighthouses.

picture grouping on wall
Skillfully organized Vintage Paint by Number Art. To learn how to pull off this organized display, read How to Hang a Picture Grouping.