My Crafty Homemade Christmas -Decorations from the Beach & Inspired by the Sea

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Welcome to my crafty homemade Christmas! I'm going to show you all my Christmas decorations. Most of them I found on the beach, and the ones I didn't are, of course, inspired by the sea. Ready for the tour? Let's jump right!

homemade shell tree topper
A few weeks ago I didn't know what razor shells were (see: Free Beach Christmas Gifts & Decor), now they're my Christmas tree topper. I tied the first shell to the tree with wire, then hot glued the other shells on top, plus added a piece of seaglass for a touch of green.

homemade Christmas ornaments
We have a ton of drop cloth leftover -and I've been using it! First example, a drop cloth Christmas tree garland. Husb made the wave stencil for it. I used spray paint, and fringed the edges. Crafty Christmas decorations as promised! The gold painted Shell Ornaments are the same as last year, only facing the other way. The gold just didn't work. The white does!

homemade christmas stockings

This year, husb and I decided to surprise each other with stockings. When I saw what he made, I had a fit of "oh, wow, can't believe you made this" A stocking hanging from an awesome wooden lighthouse! After Christmas, he'll attach a bottom under the open space, so that I can use it as a tray for beach rocks and shells! Oh, and the stocking, he bought it in a store, toned down the bright red of the Santa with mesh fabric and edged the whole thing with rope.

homemade Christmas stocking
My stocking for him -much more modest and smaller in size! Made of? Yep. Drop cloth. I hot glued on a shell and rope. Then, I remembered that I had a piece of fish netting in my beachcomber's stash, so I draped it over a parcel that we received from family.

homemade Christmas tree decorations
All the crafty homemade Christmas tree decorations! Shell topper, shell ornaments, sand filled clear ball ornaments and drop cloth wave garland.

crafty christmas decorations
I stole a branch from the Christmas tree in the living room to create a sparkly display with Christmas lights, a few scallop shells (found a bunch on the beach, see This Coastal Mix) and a Fishing Glass Float.

christmas balls decorations
I placed a few white Christmas Balls into my beachcomber bowl that sits on the dining room table (on drop cloth).

starfish wreath
Also in the dining room, a small green wreath hangs over a window and in the distance you see my Mini Driftwood Tree. On the left, My Shell Garland.

seaglass wreath
A close up shows how I attached chunky pieces of seaglass with wire.

mini coastal christmas tree
In the Kitchen you find a mini Christmas tree. The tree's topper is a large whelk shell from the local beach.

homemade sea ornaments
Dangling from the branches, my wooden cutout ornaments, featured on 12 Homemade Xmas Ornaments to Make.

crafty Christmas tree decorations
And more crafty homemade Christmas decorations from the beach on the kitchen counter. A jar full of seaglass with Christmas lights! This jar will stick around.

shell lantern
A lantern with scallop shells glued on sits on the kitchen island. And a large green wreath with Christmas lights is hanging in between windows over the sink.

starfish wreath
The wreath is adorned with gold painted DIY Wire Starfish.

Christmas buoy with bow
Lastly, a buoy with a bow! You might recall the post 9 Easy Homemade Christmas Decorations ..., I had put a bow on the Monkey Fist Knot door stopper. The buoy clearly needed a bow too! It hangs from the staircase by the entry. And that's my crafty homemade Christmas tour! I'm so glad you stopped by!
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beachcomber said...

really cute decorations!! i love every one of them. a completely coastal christmas :)

Flotsam Friends said...

So many beautiful things Maya. I particularly adore the sea glass and fair lights in that awesome jar!! Pruxxx

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

The sea glass is so elegant! Love your fresh choices, Maya. :)

Wax Beach Artist said...

Your nautical Christmas decorations are just so cool! I love them all, fantastic!

Toby and Abbie said...

I love all the decorations. The jar with the beach glass and the lights in it is my favorite it is a whole strand in the jar? Too cute! I love the wave garland too.

Della said...

Oh! I love your crafty homemade coastal Christmas Maya! It's simply perfect!

Everything Coastal said...

Maya -
You are just so creative! Love what you are your cute hubby came up with. I am so jealous that you had time to put all of these great ideas together...

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Yes, there's a whole strand of lights in the seaglass jar. But it's a mini strand, with only 20 (or 25?). They're hard to come by!

Seaside Style said...

All so beautiful you crafty gal !

Sheer Serendipity said...

Very nice homemade christmas tour! I love the jar with the beach glass and lights...

Renée Finberg said...

whenever i visit i just want to be in maine!!!

merry merry xxx

Lili said...

Oh Maya, your waves garland you made out of dropcloth is so cool! Everything you and your husband did is so creative and inspiring, like that netting you put around the package, so clever. I would want to keep a few of those things out all year too, like that gorgeous lit sea glass in the jar and your mini driftwood tree! This was so much fun to see and it must be great to be able to enjoy it all in person too. ~Lili

Shellbelle said...

Oh Maya, your tree and those stockings are FABULOUS! Aren't you the one who used to say a long time ago that you're not crafty? Well honey, these days are LONG gone. That tree topper with the razor shells and seaglass is gorgeous. I never know what to do with those shells and this is perfect!!!!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is all adorable, Maya! Super job!

Hope you had the merriest Christmas ever!


Sheila :-)

Eileen @ Cottage Beach House said...

Maya, I loved seeing all your coastal touches to your Christmas. The stocking and net is adorable and I love the jar of sea glass. I just love hunting it down, and adding the lights is a great way to display them all year round! Your so clever. Happy New Year.

Kate said...

Brilliant! I will be do these this Christmas season :)

Anne@ArtyGreen in Paradise said...

I just found this post via Pinterest. I love that your decorations are so elegant, but easy to replicate. Definitely going off to make some today.

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