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Scallop Sea Shell Pot

Laura of Lapsus Humanus emailed me two pictures of her scallop shell pot.

seashell planter
After reading Decorating Pots with Seashells she ran out and bought a kilo (Laura lives in Italy) of sea scallops - served them to company in the shell with bread crumbs, garlic, parsley and a little olive oil. Then, she sent them for a spin in the dishwasher. And here we go!

planter with scallop sea shells
Laura actually used a wicker basket which apparently works well also, and she adds, "Oh yes, and in the background, I have affixed shells to the wall of my kitchen in random places. I think I've gone completely coastal!

Thanks so much Laura for sharing your scallop shell pot -it looks fantastic!

Happy Weekend!
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vicki said...

Pretty dag gone cute! BUT - I LOVE the sailboats driftwood picture header onyour blog - that is fabulous! Going to make me some of those!


Karena said...

Really creative and beautiful!!

Art by Karena

Tricia Rose said...

Those shells are such a beautiful colour too- I haven't seen such a deep pink before.

And I'm with Vicki, NEED to head over to the website the shell sails came from (wonderful light in the photo too!)

Jacqueline said...

I agree, the sailboats are absolutely incredible. What a clever idea to use the shells like that. I have a bunch that I bought for cooking that I haven't used much and they would be great, not as pretty as these though.

Beach House Living said...

Love these a great decoration.

Renee Finberg said...

i can't take it!!!
THE SAILBOAT BANNER is too fabulous.

Juju at Tales of said...

Way creative :)

Drawn to The Sea said...

So pretty! I never thought of running my shells through the dishwasher, what a great idea.

Anonymous said...

About a year ago, I tried to do a project with shells, gluing them to a shadow box. I ended up burning BOTH my thumbs with the hot glue. Haven't touch the glue gun since. This may have inspired me to just get it finished!

Purnima@a creative project said...

Hi Maya, What a lovely idea!! perfect way to bring in the beach life!!
ahhh..You are from Zürich!! Zurich is a beautiful place..The natural beauty is incomparable!


michelle said...

Hi Maya! Those are great and I love the color! I also have to say I love the sailboats on your banner! I just got back from vacation and found alot of drift wood!! Might have to try that!

Vicki ~ FL said...

Great decorating job and I love your sailboat header!

Flotsam Friends said...

Yep, those scallop shells are divine. What an amazing shade of pink. That's nature for you!!! Px

sealaura said...

thanks for another great idea dear maya! Now all I have to do is find my glue gun again!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

What a great idea...and so simple! Love the color of those shells.

elle pee said...

Maya, thank you so much for posting this! I just had more guests leave and couldn't write, earlier. Though, I did run to the super-market in search of more scallops for the last visitors and they were all out! I guess a few Italians in my area must also read your blog!

I just had another idea for using these shells. I plan to cover wall-planters with them! I would love to do the "wall pocket" trend, but the reality here is that it's so hot that you really have to go with plastic... but, you know, they are ugly! So guess what I am going to super-hot glue to all of them? I plan to do a large wall on my patio... so it will take a while before I can send you pictures... plus, I need MORE shells. ha! ha! ha!

I just had 10 guests in three waves, a few days apart, in a one month period so I am starting to get a little worn-out with all the people here - though everyone loved the scallops!

No one visited us in Austria but get a beach-house and... everyone wants to come over and play!

Ciaooo and thank you agian!

elle aka L aka Laura

ScottishPrincess said...

I have some mussel shells I want to use to try and make jewellery but I'm not sure I trust myself with power tools. I'll end up drilling my finger. I have some scallop shells too but they are not such lovely colours as your ones.

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