Vintage Beach Sand Pails & Buckets

Vintage beach sand pails and buckets can add whimsy and storage to a room, perhaps even bring back some beach memories.

Vintage Beach Sand Pails for Decor
Vintage beach sand pails on ladder shelf by Scott Sanders Design.

You can use sand pails as containers for anything imaginable. I remember seeing pails and buckets used in bathrooms holding rolled-up hand towels, for utensils, or as table centerpieces with potted plants, even as hanging storage.

Vintage Beach Bucket Pail

beach bucket lamp
Another idea how you can use a beach sand pail or beach bucket. Create a table lamp with it. Just stick a plain lamp into the beach bucket and fill it up with beach finds. Via Blue Gull Beach House.

Old Children Sand Pails
Nostalgic beach sand pails before plastic became so rampant.