A Shell Chic Cottage in Austin Texas

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Check out this Austin Texas house. It's big on shells!

shell covered cottage and garden
The theme of this Austin cottage greets you right by the entry. Hard to see in the photograph, but shells are incorporated into the stone street gate. Emily, the owner, claims, "I don’t think there is a surface we haven’t engaged." And all thanks to the book Shell Chic! So let's see.

shell covered garden fountain
This is their front garden shell grotto. Not your ordinary garden fountain. Emily admits that she is a complete shellaholic.

shell covered fireplace
Shells cover the fireplace, the wall beyond and adorn the mirror.

shells cover fireplace like tiles
Here a detail view. The flat scallops make perfect "tiles".

shell covered dresser
And another master piece, a shell covered dresser. Nothing you would expect to find in Austin. Read the entire story about this unique Shell Chic Cottage at Traditional Home.

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