A Shell Chic Cottage in Austin Texas

An Austin Texas house that's big on shells.

Shell Chic Cottage Decor Ideas
The shell theme of this Austin cottage is made apparent right from the start. Shells are incorporated into the stone gate. The owner claims, "I don’t think there is a surface we haven’t engaged." And all thanks to the book Shell Chic.

Shell Wall Fountain
The front garden shell grotto. Not your ordinary garden fountain.

Shell Fireplace
Shells cover the fireplace, as well as the wall beyond and the mirror.

Scallop Shell Fireplace Surround Tiles
A detailed view of the shell fireplace. The flat scallops make perfect tiles.

Sea Shell Dresser
And another master piece, a shell covered dresser. Nothing you would expect to find in Austin. You can read the entire story about this unique Shell Chic Cottage at Traditional Home.