Cool DIY Coastal Coat Wall Rack Ideas

DIY coat wall rack ideas that range from super easy to jiigsaw savvy.

Whale Coat Rack
Gorgeous DIY Whale Coat Rack by Liberty Cottage Home that was inspired by Tracey Rapisardy's custom whale rack for a Maine home (featured here). To build your own whale coat rack, you need plywood, bead board, rope trim, paint, hooks, and most important a jigsaw. Here is a DIY wooden whale cutout that might also help as inspiration and guideline.

Surfboard Coat and Towel Rack
Stained wood surf board rack via Country Living and a Surfboard Rack for a boy's bathroom, made from MDF board.

Cleat Coat Rack
Nautical Cleat Coat Rack. So easy to make! For cleats as hardware, click here. And if cleats are not your thing, you can make a simple wall rack like this using Coastal Theme Hooks, see an example below. 

Rusic DIY wood wall rack with coastal hooks
A simple wood blank and a bunch of Coastal Hooks is all you need to create a natural rustic wall rack. It looks great with some stockings for the Christmas Holiday Season. Seen at HGTV.  

Driftwood Wall Hook Rack
A piece of driftwood is transformed into a Driftwood Rack. You can also construct this with a Long Driftwood Branch!

Oar Coat Rack
And a white Oar Coat Rack. Oar coat racks are very popular. Check out this post: 7 Creative Oar Wall Racks!