DIY Wooden Cutouts Whales

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I stumbled upon the cutest wooden cutouts in form of whales!

diy wooden cutoouts
If you're handy with a jigsaw you can easily make a wooden cutout like this! Take it from Michelle, she made this gorgeous Whale. "Just draw a whale on a scrap piece of wood, no straight lines so it was fairly easy to cut," she says.

wooden cutouts whales
Artists Suzanne Nicoll's Wooden Cutouts were Michelle's inspiration pieces.

wooden whale cutout
You could write "Welcome" in French on it too. Spotted at Marie Claire.

wooden whales rack
And Wooden Whale Wall Racks, similar to Tracy Rapisardi's. Only these have Boat Cleats for an extra nautical touch!
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Karena said...

Maya these are wonderful I love to see a touch of nautical/ the sea in every room!

Art by Karena
2012 Artists Series Featuring Harrison Howard

Della said...

My hubby just used some of those boat cleats/mooring anchors on a project for me. I heart them so much! He also gave me a scroll saw, and a jig saw. I'm excited to play with them, and a whale is an easy first project :) Thanks Maya!!

How2home said...

So adorable!

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