Vintage Nautical Beach Cottage by Mary Kay Andrews

Beach cottage home makeover by Mary Kay Andrews.

Nautical Vintage Beach Cottage by Mary Kay Andrews
First the Breeze Inn now Ebbtide. Mary Kay Andrews, best-selling author of entertaining Beach Reads, fixed up another Tybee island cottage, using all her scavenging smarts to transform the home into a fun casual beach retreat. Ledge shelves filled with vintage seascape paintings make for an Eye-Catching Gallery Wall.

Framed Bathing Suit Wall Art
Cute Framed Bathing Suite.

Vintage Nautical Beach Cottage Dining Room
Decorating nautical with Model Sailboats and more Vintage Seascape Paintings.

Vintage Beach Cottage Decor
Creating a beach vibe with a Blue Painted Floor in the sun room.

Ebbtide Beach Cottage Mary Kay Andrews
To see the rest of Mary Kay Andrew's nautical beach cottage, head over to HGTV. There, you can learn more about the vintage finds and decor!