Coastal Craft Books for Shells, Sea Glass & Other Crafts

If you love Crafting & DIY Projects, here are a few lovely coastal craft Books to Have Around.

Coastal Crafts Book Craft Ideas

This beautiful coastal crafts book takes you to the shore with Coastal DIY Projects that incorporate seashells, ropes, seaglass, and a range of nautical materials and motifs. You also learn how to Weather Surfaces, How to Make your Own Driftwood, and Cast Sand. Coastal craft projects include wood frames, hanging jars, decorative sailboats, garlands, knotted items, and much more.

Coastal Crafts Book Review
The book features a fresh version of the popular DIY Driftwood Sailboats. For a book review of Coastal Crafts and a look inside, head over to Artistic Endeavor 101.

DIY and craft ideas with shells, driftwood, seaglass, rope and more. Ideas for DIY pillows, coastal style furniture makeovers, knock offs, making lamps, and other projects, featured on Completely Coastal.

Coastal Crafts by the Sea Book
This book features over thirty coastal crafts with shells and other things you find along the shore, from classic sea shell frames, to wind chimes, to the popular modern comebacks of string art, and even giving rustic driftwood some extra flair.

Sea Glass Crafts Book

Sea glass expert Carole Lambert covers thirty sea glass crafts in this book, giving step by step directions, accompanied by color photographs for each craft project. A beautiful book for anyone fascinated by these jewels from the sea.

Sea Glass Sun Catchers
DIY sea glass sun catchers from the book sea glass crafts.

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Shell Chic DIY Shell Decor Book

For those who have accumulated lots and lots of shells, this book might inspire you to cover an entire piece of furniture in shells! The book features lavish photography, profiles of contemporary shell artists, along with simple instructions for 35 extensive shell projects.