Mermaid Decor & Wall Art

Mermaid Decor | Mermaid Wall Art
Mermaids are free, beautiful, and they swim in the ocean all day. What's not to love?
They have inspired countless works of art, and have charmed their way into the home decor market. Here are some great mermaid decor finds that celebrate these aquatic and mystical creatures.

Mermaid Arrow Sign
Mermaid Arrow Signs from Etsy.

Diving Mermaid Pillow
Mermaid Diving Pillows form Wayfair's Coastal Collection.

Mermaid Rug
Mermaid Crossing Rug from Bed Bath & Beyond's Coastal Shop.

Mermaid Vase
Mermaid Ceramic Vase from Bellacor.

Mermaid Dinnerware Plates & Bowls
Sea Beauty Mermaid Dinnerware by Certified International.

Mermaid Shower Curtain
Artistic Mermaid Shower Curtain.

Rope Mermaid on Wood Wall Art
A selection of awesome Rope Mermaids on Wood.

Mermaid Wall Sculptures
Mermaid Wall Sculptures for inside or outside the home.

Mermaid Art
Mermaid Art at Wayfair.

Recycled Wooden Mermaid
Colorful Recycled Wooden Mermaid.

Mermaid Outdoor Wall Art
Whimsical Mermaid Outdoor Wall Art & Mailbox Brackets.

Mermaid Toilet Flush Handle
A functional Mermaid for the Bathroom.

Mermaid Coasters
Mystical Mermaid Coaster Set.

Mermaid Candle Holder
Fun Mermaid Candle Holders on Etsy.

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