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As they say. Some stars belong to the sea. With a starfish rug you can bring the stars of the sea to your home in a big way.

starfish rug sun porch
Starfish rug on the sun porch of a Kiawah Beach House, seen at Houzz.

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Outdoor Starfish Rugs

Blue Starfish Living Room Area Rug
Blue starfish rug seen in the living room of a beach penthouse featured on Houzz.

bedroom starfish rug

Starfish Living Room Rug Idea

Turquoise Aqua Starfish Rug

finger starfish rug

starfish rug in living room
The same starfish rug in a Jersey Shore Home, featured here.

decorating with starfish rug
Riverside Designers use the same rug in light gray
to create an elegant sea inspired living room for an Edisto Beach Home.

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