Simple Driftwood DIY Mirrors & Frames

DIY frames couldn't be any easier than these frames made with driftwood! They bring rustic beach charm to your space, and are simple to make. Spruce up old picture frames and mirrors, or build from scratch. So take a look at these great examples. They include tutorials how to create DIY frames for pictures, mirrors and memo boards.

decorated frame
Just like with Shell Frames, there are many ways to embellish existing frames. For this Mirror Frame the first layer of driftwood sticks were cut in half with a saw to make it easier to adhere them. Gorilla glue was used.

diy frames
I'm loving the look of these DIY frames. Take four pieces of flat driftwood and screw or nail them together (make sure to pre drill, not to split the wood). Use the frames to give other frames more punch and attention. Or frame a shell or an object that you attached to the wall!

easy diy frame
Same idea, but a completely different look. Tip: Find pieces that are going to fit the dimensions you are thinking. In the end, you're going to let the wood speak for itself when you hang it though. You can learn more over at Weddings Handmade.

diy frame with drift wood
A cute and Colorful DIY Frame. Tip: The drift wood sticks you choose for the top and bottom of the frame must lie flush with the wall. The clothespin is glued in the center of the top stick.

In this example, flat driftwood planks are attached to standard picture frames. Via Wunderweib.

Another example of artfully arranged driftwood pieces from New England Trading Company.

wood picture frame diy
The idea here, fit wood pieces together by cutting the ends at 45 degree. Then assemble frame with glue gun, and attach photo to the back. Via.

diy beach frame
It took a few trips to the beach to collect all the straight drift wood sticks for this gorgeous frame. You can learn all about it here.

round driftwood mirror
A stunning round DIY Driftwood Mirror that adds the beach to a patio. Tip: Collect shorter pieces and more than you think you’ll need since it’s a bit of a jigsaw puzzle to fit it to the frame. Make sure to check out Driftwood for a Spa Like Bathroom for another great example.

chalkboard with driftwood frame
All you need to create an awesome Chalkboard like this is a board, chalkboard paint and driftwood! For more ideas, click here!

driftwood frame for memo board with chicken wire
And you have seen this creative frame on DIY Memo Board Ideas. Again, flat driftwood pieces were used to build a simple frame to which you can staple chicken wire. Then decorate as you please. Now, let's go to the beach and collect some driftwood!