Coastal Designs for your House Exterior | Top Decorative Ideas

Give your house exterior some eye-catching features with these coastal design ideas.

coastal shingles
Sea Inspired Decorative House Shingles

Mosaic Shingles with a coastal design. You can order the shingles as a kit. You then simply remove existing shingles and hammer on your coastal design. How neat is that. Or if your home needs new siding, you could have these incorporated.

Decorative Coastal Brackets for Home & Mailbox
Exterior Decorative Coastal Brackets 

Witty Decorative Coastal Brackets that can be used around the home. They add great curb appeal, either as porch brackets or on the mailbox.

coastal shutters
Decorative Coastal & Nautical Exterior Shutters 

Decorative Coastal Window Shutters is another way to give your home exterior a completely coastal look is with charming shutters that feature cutouts of starfish, and other sea motifs. This example is from Seaport Shutters.

Florida Home Design
Decorative Coastal Inspired Doors 

A beautiful Decorative Exterior Front Door can be the ultimate welcome to paradise as seen in this Florida Home. A door like this surely will make visitors feeling curious to see inside. 

To find the perfect decorative door you might want to look for a door company in your area. Most likely a door like the one featured above is custom made.

Coastal Nautical Decorative Storm Door Idea
You can also install a decorative storm door as seen in this Maine Home via Instagram, a screen door, or a glass etched door showcasing a sea inspired image or design. 

All of these coastal house exterior design ideas are classy decorative touches with which you can personalize your home and make a statement. The choice for a specific decorative exterior design greatly depends on the type and style of house you have.