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Let's go beachcombing, hunt for driftwood, and furnish the bedroom! That's what interior designer Allison Lind did for a client of hers.

driftwood bedroom decor
The result. An original driftwood bedroom with a bohemian beach vibe. From a driftwood jewelry organizer, to a stunning driftwood headboard, to a super lovely driftwood wall shelf.

driftwood headboard
After some time beach-combing and acquiring enough cool pieces of flat driftwood, Allison whipped up this one of a kind headboard. Isn't it gorgeous?

driftwood shelf
Then, I'm loving this shelf! It's made from two pieces of found driftwood. A square piece was cut into two triangles to make the brackets. Free decor from the beach!

Allison Lind does interior design, styling and consulting for the homeowner hoping to find their own style and originality, and expect their home to be their inspirational haven every day. Pictures via Houzz.

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