Homemade Christmas Holiday Wreaths with a Beach and Nautical Theme

DIY beach and nautical theme Christmas holiday wreaths that capture the spirit of the season.

nautical anchor Christmas wreath
Innovative Anchor Wreath.

DIY Nautical Christmas Wreath
DIY nautical Christmas wreath seen at CK DIY Home on Instagram. The wreath is made with Netted Ball Ornaments. To see how these are done, Watch this Video on Instagram.

buoy wreath
Pretty Buoy Wreath.

red Christmas wreath
Then I invited folks to post their homemade Christmas Holiday wreaths on my Facebook Page, this red beauty is one of them, shared by Angie, see here. All items were shopped from her home.

quahog shell wreath
A snapshot of a Quahog Christmas Holiday Wreath in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

wreath with seaweed
Wendy lives in South Africa and says, "the "holly" is seaweed sprayed white." You can learn more here.

shell wreath
Tracy's wreath, also shared on Facebook, simply added some artificial greenery to her beautiful shell wreath.

homemade Wisteria Christmas wreath
Janette, also posted her wreath on my Facebook Page. She found the ornaments on a clearance table and bought some ribbon that also matched her living room then went to town. She grew the Wisteria herself.

Christmas wreath with mermaids
Trisha's homemade Christmas wreath includes mermaids. And shells are plentiful where she lives, Gloucester, MA! She also was so kind to share her lovely wreath on my Facebook Page.

table top grapevine wreath
And a twist on the theme, a bare bone grapevine Christmas Wreath sets the stage for a pretty bowl.

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