Decorating with Starfish -Creative Display Ideas

Creative display ideas for Starfish.

Starfish Display ideasHook them up.

Or glue them onto a hook. Via BHG.

starfish decorating ideasStick starfish in sand-filled glasses. Seen at Homegoods.

starfish bottleThey perfectly fit into a bottle's neck, seen at Tales from an OC Cottage.

starfish on vaseTie them around a vase.

starfish garlandString Starfish Together into a garland. Via The Lettered Cottage.

hang starfishOr hang a single starfish, see more HERE.

Starfish on MirrorThen you can hot glue starfish onto all kinds of decorative items, like a mirror for example. Seen Here.

starfish on vaseA single starfish is glued to a vase. Source no longer available.

starfish on platesUsing Plates as Wall Decor and spruce them up with a starfish. Source no longer available.

starfish on basketsOr adorn a Wicker Basket with a large faux starfish to bring a splash of beach to the space.