Make a Wood Mermaid for Wall Decor

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If you are handy with a band saw or jig saw, you can make any sea creature you want for wall decor! Just find a template, or draw it yourself, and you're good to go. I've already featured a Whale, and I'm happy to show you this gorgeous wood mermaid today.

wood mermaid wall decor

A wood mermaid for the wall made by Sand & Sisal. Wood sea creatures have become very popular and are sold in many stores, like Caron's Beach House for example. I love the seaglass embellishment on the mermaid too. It really suits her well! For the step by step tutorial head over to Sand & Sisal!
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Wonky Patchwork said...

She's gorgeous! I love all things seasidey, mermaids and sea glass in particular so it's a perfect combination. And strangely enough, I made a very similar mermaid on a much smaller scale, out of fabric and sea glass, as a brooch, just last week - if you feel like taking a look she's here

A New England Life said...

Wow, I really love this! Not sure if I could make it or not but I'd sure like to try!!

a quiet life said...

this is darling, its on my summer play list, thanks for the inside scoop!

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