DIY Jellyfish Lamps

Their mysterious translucency and glow is captured in these gorgeous jellyfish lamps.

jellyfish lamps
Jellyfish have roamed the seas for over 500 million years and they almost have an out of this word quality to them. 

 Jellyfish hanging lamps are the perfect lamps for a romantic summer party. The basic construction of each lamp is a plastic bowl with a hole drilled and a light kit for hanging lanterns. The rest of the look is achieved by gluing paper on the bowls and hanging ribbons. You can find detailed instructions over at Germani Decor.

jellyfish party lamps
For these Jellyfish Party Lamps you simply use paper lanterns that you decorate with long ribbons/paper strips.

jelly fish hanging lamps at a party
Another version of paper lanterns gone jellyfish, seen at Make Life Lovely.

jellyfish paper lamps
DIY Jellyfish Paper Lamp made from an Ikea lantern. Their lanterns seem to have the perfect flat bottom.