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This Greek Santorini Villa showcases simple Mediterranean decor for the living room Greek style -more space, less things. Shop the Look and Live Like a Local!

Mediterranean Greek Santorini Living Room Decor
Of all Mediterranean decor styles, I find the simple Greek Santorini decor style especially captivating with its white washed walls, emphasizing space over things and bringing shades of blue from sea and sky inside, as well as tones of green from the surrounding vegetation.

In this Santorini villa the fundamentals are whitewashed walls and floor, White Slip Cover Sofa and chairs, contrasted with a great rustic wood coffee table that brings colors and warm texture to the space, plus large striking Ocean Art above the sofa.

Rustic Painted Wood Coffee Tables (under $250)

Santorini Living Room

For more whitewashed Greek decor inspiration, check out this Resort on the Greek Island of Mykonos, plus more ways to Catch  a Wave!

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