Coastal Knitting & Crochet Ideas | Blanket, Pillow & Bowls

Three swanky coastal knitting & crochet project ideas from Michaels.

Coastal Beach Ble Knit Blanket

Knitting & Crochet at Michaels gone coastal with three projects that I adore. A knit blanket in a gorgeous ocean blue color (above), a crochet coastal wave pillow and cute nesting bowls. For detailed instructions and products, follow the links below images.

Knitting and crocheting with a coastal theme and beachy colors sounds like a wonderful way to spend winter evenings.

Coastal Beach Wave Crochet Pillow Idea

Coastal Pillow Crochet DIY Idea from Michaels

Crochet Bowls

And in case the white coffee table looks familiar, it's Ikea's Display Coffee Table.