Ballard Coastal La Mer Paintings Knock Off

Masterfully done coastal knock off paintings!

Ballard Coastal La Mer Paintings Knock Off

Ballard's Coastal La Mer Prints (from paintings by artist Caroline Gold) capture the coastal horizon in a serene and abstract way. They feature a deckled paper edge and float in rubbed cream wood frames with glass front. They are quite large too, measuring 31 x 42 inches. As you might suspect, these beautiful framed La Mer prints are not cheep, selling for $339 each.

And whenever something is gorgeous, but not budget friendly, you can count on a Good Knock Off. And Tamara of Provident Home Design did a masterful job. You can follow her step by step tutorial right here: DIY Ballard Knock Off Paintings. Hint. To get the look, she used gold tissue paper! She also made them smaller to fit her space.

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