Tropical Florida Cottage Garden

This South Florida cottage garden is a whimsical tropical paradise, filled with plants, mermaid art, shells and buoys.

Florida Cottage Garden
The Home's Name is Mermaid Cottage and the color scheme is pink and green. Penny, the owner, decided about 8 years ago to kick off her shoes and live a life filled with all the wonderful things she loves. She chose to go with a 1950's cottage, just down the road from the beach. All the photos of Penny's tropical Florida garden are from her Facebook page Grandma's Mermaid Garden.

Tropical Pink Garden Chairs
Garden chairs were painted pink to blend right in with the tropical Florida garden theme.

Mermaid Garden Art
A close up of the garden mermaid art. It was made from a deck that was being thrown away.

Garden Buoy Decor
Bright painted buoys hang everywhere.

Art Buoy
All the buoys were painted by Penny and her daughter.

Florida Cottage Garden

Hanging Shell Planter
A hanging planter decorated with collected shells.

Hanging Planter with Bromeliads
Another hanging shell planter with a gorgeous Bromeliads inside.

Art Rain Barrel
Penny has 3 rain barrels in her garden which she uses to water the plants. She painted one of them, and the other two will soon follow.

Flamingo Screen Door
The fun Coastal Screen Door with a Flamingo design is from an estate sale.

Mermaid Garden Art
And more fabulous mermaid art.

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