13 Nautical Maritime Marine Art Wall Decorating Ideas

Nautical marine art creates an ambiance that's a mixture of nostalgia, history, adventure, as well as romance.

nautical marine art above fireplace decorating idea
Many of these nautical rooms have done more than just incorporate marine art, they were inspired by it. 

In this Malibu home, seen at AD, nautical art includes a 19th-century oil painting of a burial at sea. The owner was inspired by the movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, the 1947 film in which Gene Tierney’s seaside cottage is haunted by the ghost of a sea captain.

nautical marine art wall decorating ideas
While ships have been included in art from the earliest times, marine art as a distinct genre began around the 15th century. At first, marine art was focused around the study of a single vessel, then as landscape art emerged during the Renaissance, the sea landscape became a more important element and artist started to paint ships at sea. Here an 1855 marine painting hangs above the Fireplace.

nautical marine art as focal point
Nautical marine art is the focal point in this bedroom, designed by Barclay Butera.

nautical art decor idea by Barcley Butera
Barclay Butera again. This is his own home in Newport Beach, CA. Everything here is large scale, including the art.

marine art wall decor
Dining room in an Old Nantucket House by Jayne Design.

nautical cottage with marine art
Much of the interiors in this Sea Cottage are sourced from salvage yards and antiques shops.

decorating with nautical art
Seen at Lonny magazine February issue 2010.

marine art depicting coastal harbor
Here an example of marine art that includes coastal scenery, depicting Edgartown harbor on Martha's Vineyard. You can take a tour of this home over at Traditional Home.

marine art decor
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