Christmas Decorating with Fishing Glass Floats as Ornaments

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I love sharing ideas for decorating with fishing glass floats, and today I'm showing you a few examples how you can use glass floats during the Christmas Holiday season. Given, of course, you're the owner of such floats! If not, they are really pretty to look at!

Christmas decorating for table with glass floats
Most fishing glass floats are in the green color range, from light to darker shades. Perfect for Christmas! This table setting at Urban Orchard Interiors is a beautiful example of Christmas Decorating with fishing glass floats.

Christmas glass floats in vase
I placed my set of fishing glass floats from Glass Float Junkie in a floor vase. To see more of it, check out my NYC Album on Facebook. To add extra sparkle, I tucked in a couple of gold Christmas ball ornaments.

Christmas vignette with glass float
This cute tub with fishing glass float sits on the floor and is part of the Coastal Christmas Tree at Sand and Sisal.

glass floats in bowl
A Pottery Barn picture. It's probably from their summer catalog. But I thought this bowl with small floats, bright sand and little stars looked quite festive.

glass float balls
Featured on 15 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Coastal Style Living, this arrangement, in my opinion, is fit for the Holidays. Or create this vignette using a short string of Christmas lights! And to keep glass floats in place (most of them don't have large flat bottoms like these), have them sit on something, coiled rope works well for example, see here!

Christmas clam bowl with glass floats
And at Dixie Delights you find a Christmas clam bowl with glass floats on the porch.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Kelly @ JAX does design said...

I LOVE these ideas for incorporating glass floats into your Christmas decorating :-) I kept my collection of glass floats on the mantel and decorated with a bit of a coastal theme by adding starfish to the garland and a starfish to the top of my wire Christmas tree.

vicki said...

Maya-- I love the great ways the fishing floats are used-- they are perfect for holiday decor. I love the way you mixed your with the little ornament balls.

Happy Holidays--

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