Print on Fabric with Real Shell Stamps -For Pillows, Sheets & more

Create a shell pattern with real shell stamps.

shell print pillows
Painting Pillows is a great way to personalize a space, but instead of a brush use the lovely fan shaped scallop shell to create a pattern. All you need to stamp a shell pattern is fabric paint, and of course a nice scallop shell. Via Indie Fixx.

shell stamp prints
Martha Stewart has a detailed tutorial for shell stamp prints on Pillows, and on crisp white Sheets, pictured below.

print on fabric with shells

how to print on fabric with reall shells
"Apply fabric paint directly to the shell's surface with a sponge brush, but do so sparingly; you don't want it to fill in the grooves", Mrs. Stewart advises. Make practice prints until you are comfortable with the technique.

Shell Prints on Napkins Do It Yourself Idea
KreativK puts shell prints on napkins by pressing down the fabric onto the painted shell.