Remote English Seaside Rental Cottage from the Movie Half Light with Demi Moore

The movie Half Light takes you to UK's beautiful rugged west coast and a remote seaside cottage on the island of Llanddwyn.

English seaside cottage rental
The 1920s English seaside cottage is truly away from it all and can be rented through Unique Home Stays.

seaside cottage rental Cornwall
The covered porch looks over the sea and cliffs.

Demi Moore at seaside cottage
Here Demi Moore, who plays a successful mystery novelist, arrives at the cottage which in the movie is set in Scotland.

seaside cottage
The seaside cottage is one large open plan room.

English seaside cottage interiors
You find stripped floorboards, white walls and simple furnishings, plus a natural stone heart that reminds me of the Island Cottage off the Grid.

seaside cottage porch
An old weathered remote seaside cottage -the perfect setting for a psychological thriller.

Demi Moore in Half Light
Rachel (Demi Moore) has come to the seaside cottage to find herself, and as she tries to recover from her son's death and get back to writing again she falls in love with the local (and mysterious) lighthouse keeper. To see more still photos, head over to Half Light Locations.

Demi Moore in the movie Half Light