Crafty Homemade Coastal Christmas Decorations

My crafty homemade coastal Christmas 2011.

homemade shell tree topper
Razor shells from the beach are my Coastal Christmas Tree Topper. I tied the first shell to the tree with wire, then hot glued the other shells on top, plus added a piece of seaglass for a touch of green.
homemade Christmas ornaments
I cut out a ribbon garland from left over drop cloth, made a stencil to get blue waves on it with spray paint, and fringed the edges. Crafty Christmas decorations as promised.

homemade christmas stockings
My husb made a stocking and an awesome wooden lighthouse. The stocking was store bought and toned down with mesh fabric, then edged with rope.

homemade Christmas stocking
My DIY stocking, made from drop cloth. Shell and rope are hot glued on.  I also draped a piece of fish netting that I had in my beach find collection over a parcel.

homemade Christmas tree decorations
All the crafty homemade Christmas tree decorations. Shell topper, shell ornaments, sand filled clear ball ornaments and drop cloth wave garland.

crafty christmas decorations
I stole a branch from the Christmas tree in the living room to create a sparkly display with Christmas lights, a few scallop shells and a Fishing Glass Float.

christmas balls decorations
I placed a few white Christmas Balls into my beachcomber bowl that sits on the dining room table.

starfish wreath
In the dining room, a small green wreath hangs over a window and in the distance you see my Mini Driftwood Tree. On the left, My Shell Garland.

seaglass wreath
A close up shows how I attached chunky pieces of Seaglass with a Wire Wrap.

mini coastal christmas tree
In the Kitchen you find a mini Christmas tree. The tree's topper is a large whelk shell from the local beach.

homemade sea ornaments
Dangling from the branches, my wooden cutout ornaments, featured on 12 Homemade Xmas Ornaments to Make.

crafty Christmas tree decorations
And more crafty homemade Christmas decorations from the beach on the kitchen counter. A jar full of seaglass with Christmas lights.

shell lantern
A lantern with scallop shells glued on sits on the kitchen island. And a large green wreath with Christmas lights is hanging in between windows over the sink.

starfish wreath
The wreath is adorned with gold painted DIY Wire Starfish.


Christmas buoy with bow
Lastly, a buoy with a bow. It hangs from the staircase by the entry. And that's my crafty homemade Christmas tour.